Welcome! To my secondary brain. The first one was getting clogged with junk like birthdays and pin numbers, so I decided to store the important stuff here.

A Song of Ice and Fire has a lot of wild and crazy connections in it. There are too many to track in my head so I’m going to start writing things down on this blog and see if that helps me. Please don’t take anything on this blog as some kind of scientific fact. These are my opinions and thoughts in a constant state of edification as I clumsily attempt to zero in on something more true. For that reason, pages and posts are subject to change all the time.

The Theory section is where I describe the methodologies I use to analyze the story.

The Themes section is where I attempt to articulate the story’s themes.

The Characters section is where I analyze specific characters.

The Chapters section is where I analyze specific chapters.

The Game of Thrones section is where I write about HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones.

The Misc section is where I write about real world history, mythology, inspirations, culture, politics, or anything that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

The spoiler warning for the entire blog is: Everything Published + Sample Chapters